Your Business Reputation

Protecting your business reputation is essential for the success and growth of your company, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). If you have old or outdated computers that need disposing of, it’s vital to use a professional computer recycling business to ensure data is removed securely and in an environmentally safe way. Here are five ways that computer recycling can protect your business reputation.

Your Business Will Be Eco-Friendly

Over 50% of businesses have increased their commitment to environmental sustainability in response to climate change. Reports also suggest that over two-thirds of customers expect companies to be more environmentally friendly. Investing in professional computer recycling will keep your business reputation intact, as you’ll be removing your old hardware in an eco-friendly and responsible way. If you do not dispose of old PCs properly, the components can pollute groundwater and even catch fire if left in landfill sites.

Your Employee Data Will Be Kept Secure

In May 2020, sensitive employee data was stolen from 100,000 employees at Interserve. Personal details, including bank information, addresses, names, and pension plans, were taken. If you’re a larger company, you may well survive the damage to your business reputation, but as an SME, you cannot afford to leave your employees vulnerable to identity theft. Old PCs are the perfect source for hackers, as if not disposed of securely old data may still be accessible.

Protect Your Business From Being Hacked

It’s not just employee data that is vulnerable if you don’t professionally recycle your old computers. Cyber attacks can cost small businesses up to $200,000, leaving many with no other option than to stop trading. Leaving data on old PCs presents the perfect opportunity for hackers, leaving you vulnerable to everything from data theft to ransomware attacks. Protect your business reputation by securely destroying data from your old hardware.

Computer Recycling Saves Money

Paying for professional computer recycling is an investment in your company’s future. You can save money in the long term that can go into boosting your branding or developing new products, as paying for data breaches or legal fees can cause extensive damage to your business. You’re effectively paying for additional security, long term peace of mind and uncountable savings if confidential data was exposed, or old PCs were being disposed of incorrectly and caused environmental damage.

Keep Your Customers Safe

It’s not just employees that are vulnerable to data theft. If you store any customer data, then hackers can steal their information as well. Many companies like Yahoo, Zappos, and Equifax were involved in lawsuits from customers that in some cases took years to resolve. The customers were left with little compensation, the companies all paid millions to their lawyers, and the damage to their business reputation was extreme. As a small business, keep your customers safe by disposing of your old PCs securely.

Taking the simple step of arranging computer recycling with Potomac eCycle will protect your business reputation for years to come. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.

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