Electronics Recycling Pickup For Businesses

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Electronics Recycling Pickup for Businesses

One thing that all businesses, from the smallest Mom and Pop shop to the largest corporation, have in common is the use of electronic equipment in the running of their business. That gives a further common factor: the need to dispose of the electronic devices when they reach the end of their useful life.
As an electronics recycling company, Potomac eCycle works with business owners and IT managers to help them to maximize any residual value in their obsolete equipment.
Electronics recycling is an essential part of a modern IT strategy, often encompassed in a formal, documented IT Asset Disposition policy.
electronics recycling pickup for businesses

There are three main benefits to be obtained by recycling end-of-life equipment:

  1. Responsible disposal is better for the environment and it also makes sense from a financial viewpoint: even if you can’t get paid for your e-waste, you will benefit by not having to pay someone to haul it away.
  2. A professional recycling facility will make sure that any data stored on the devices is completely eradicated before the equipment is either refurbished or destroyed, thus protecting sensitive and confidential information.
  3. Your reputation is enhanced when you can demonstrate that your business is eco-friendly and is taking a responsible attitude to the protection and conservation of the environment.

For many companies interested in e-waste recycling, the ability to have a company visit their premises and have the destruction witnessed by company personnel is a valuable option. Others are happy to use a free scheduled pickup followed later by the provision of a chain of custody document with a Certificate of Data Destruction.

Why is Potomac eCycle Your Best Option?

Potomac eCycle is the e-waste recycling company of choice for anyone wanting experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering the best possible customer service while operating to eco-friendly standards.

We follow the management philosophy of “reuse, recover, recycle” by examining the devices for disposal to see if they can be repaired and reused, or some working components harvested, If not, we break down the equipment and aggregate for delivery to downstream processors who will recover the precious metals and dispose of any residual materials.

The parts and materials collected are often reused by original equipment manufacturers in the production of new devices, saving further depletion of natural resources and reducing cost of goods.

We make sure that all possible materials are reused or reclaimed and that any downstream processors who are used are also working to similar environmental-friendly standards.


We are certified as R2:RIOS compliant, maintaining two of the highest certifications in the recycling industry.

R2 (Responsible Recycling) is the leading global certification standard for the electronics reuse and recycling industry.

The R2 certification is described as:

The R2 Standard is a way to identify, aggregate, distribute, and monitor best-practices in electronics repair and recycling.”

The description from the RIOS certification website is as follows:

RIOS (the Recycling Industry Operating Standard) is an integrated Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System Certification that is designed for recyclers, by recyclers.

At Potomac eCycle, we take recycling and electronic waste disposal seriously. We have the best equipment available to securely dispose of your devices, either on your own premises or at our modern, purpose-designed facilities.

We also offer electronics recycling pickup for businesses at no charge, depending on the quantity available. For an indication of the prices paid for obsolete electronic equipment check out our Business Price Chart.

Contact us today for more details about our recycling services and pickup options.

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