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History And Evolution of Our Company

Potomac eCycle had its humble beginnings in 2008 in a small loft above the office at the Potomac Metal’s scrapyard. Thory Monsen and Justin Kidd had begun to observe a significant increase in the number of electronics being dropped off at the facility and vowed to find better ways to recycle them in an environmentally responsible manner while still maximizing recoverable value.

Their combined experience and deep knowledge of the consumer electronics industry allowed them to design ever-more efficient processes to reuse and recycle old electronics.

After demonstrating their innovative approaches they, along with the Potomac Metals’ owners, Mark and Eric Zwilsky decided to spin off a new company and officially incorporate the electronics recycling division on January 1, 2009.

Since inception, Potomac eCycle has recycled over 5 million pounds of electronics and is now operating in a state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot facility in Manassas, VA with a team of over 20 employees.

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Organizations And Certifications


Specifically designed for the recycling industry, RIOS™; integrates the key operational elements of a robust management system, bringing quality, environmental and health and safety together into one streamlined system.”
Source: http://www.rioscertification.org


“The electronics recycling industry’s leading certification. Each provision of the R2 Standard is designed to help ensure the quality, transparency, and environmental and social responsibility, of R2 Certified electronics recycling facilities.“
Source: https://sustainableelectronics.org/r2-standard


“The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) is the voice of the recycling industry promoting safe, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling through networking, advocacy, and education.”
Source: https://www.isri.org/

Why Use Potomac eCycle?
Many so-called electronics “recycling” companies will offer free pickup and then simply shred or “strip-mine” electronics for the most valuable components and unscrupulously dump the rest in landfills at home or abroad. We do not.
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