Electronics Recycling

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Potomac eCycle is a full service, R2/RIOS certified, electronic waste recycling and hard drive destruction company

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About Our Business

Electronics Recycling

We provide a reliable, cost-effective service to pickup and recycle your old electronic devices in the Washington, D,C, metro area.

Data Destruction

We securely destroy your confidential data and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction as confirmation.


We use the R2/RIOS Recycling standards to “reuse, recover, and dispose” all along the chain of custody for material handling.

Recycling Electronics

Electronics recycling in Virginia is as simple as setting up a time for pickup with Potomac eCycle and we will collect your out-dated computers and devices for secure disposal. Whether you are a corporate office, a health care institution, government agency, or data storage center, recycling with Potomac eCycle guarantees that any remaining information on hard drives is thoroughly destroyed in a responsible and standards-compliant process. You will be issued a Certificate of Destruction confirming this.

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 Minimize Impact on the Environment

We take sustainability seriously!

Our Top Priorities

We all have a responsibility to protect our environment and safeguard it for future generations. Our business philosophy is to create no waste wherever possible and not just to strip out the valuable materials and ship the rest downstream where it may end up in a landfill. We reuse and reclaim over 98% of the devices we receive.

Make a Difference!

912,036 lbs saved from landfill in 2019

Our policy of reusing and reclaiming devices and materials has had a significant impact on the environment by preventing unwanted and obsolete equipment from ending up in the landfill. In addition to helping the environment, the process generated over $1 million in 2019.  We expect to save even more this year!

Dispose Responsibly

How It Works

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data destruction prevents breach

Potomac eCycle arrived on time for our scheduled pickup and quickly shredded our hard drives on-site. Their operators were helpful and explained the process before they started.

Toby Lee

Data Center Manager, Corporate Data, Inc

Our Certifications

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R2V3 certified
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