Data Destruction

If your company handles sensitive information, then any end-of-life storage media must be disposed of correctly. if it is not, then this data could be easily recovered. This can pose a security risk to both your business and your clients.

At Potomac eCycle, we specialize in data destruction. We work closely with IT professionals that know just how important data destruction is, but may not have the tools or the time to carry it out themselves. Our company offers safe and sustainable destruction of most forms of E-waste.

 Our process has been designed to ensure that your data destruction is as swift and effective as possible. Our focus is on data destruction and reuse or recycling of electronic devices. Take the responsibility off your staff, hand the job to us and we will make sure it is done properly.

What Is Data Destruction?

If you work in IT or a data center, then you will know that a substantial amount of your job will involve cycling out old storage media. You will also likely know that this data will need to be totally destroyed. There are certain legal obligations surrounding the storage of your client’s personal information, for instance.

The typical IT department or data center doesn’t always use the most effective methods for data destruction. This is likely down to a lack of time, although not having access to the right tools and software can also be a problem.

Data destruction services will destroy data properly. This is vital when it comes to disposing of your e-waste. The processes that we use ensure that your data is not recoverable. It guarantees that any sensitive data related to your business or clients will never be seen by anybody other than your company and authorized representatives.

How Does Data Destruction Work?

Several different methods are used for data destruction. The process can vary based on the sensitivity of the data, as well as the type of media that needs to be erased. Our company uses many of these methods, including:

Drive Reformatting and Data Overwriting

This is the simplest of the data destruction methods, and it often means that the drive can be used again. It is not recommended for drives that contain highly sensitive information as there is a small chance that the deleted data can be recovered. This method can also be used if individual files need to be targeted, although this is not a service that we provide.

With drive reformatting, the drive will be wiped clean. It is essentially restored to a factory state.

Data overwriting is a more intensive process. With this method, files will be overwritten several times. By overwriting them with several files, normally ‘nonsense’ files, the chance of the data being recovered is greatly reduced.


Degaussing is a method that can be used on some data media. This means any magnetic storage medium. While often used with standard hard drives, it can also be used to wipe data off of tape storage media.

Degaussing involves passing the storage media through a large magnet known as a degausser. As the drive is passed through the system, the data is removed from the storage media.

The data removed through degaussing is scrambled to the point where it is not recoverable, even with advanced forensic techniques.

Drive Destruction

Drive destruction involves the physical destruction of the drive. This can be through breaking it apart with a hammer or something equally heavy. It may also involve the shredding of the drive. You can be certain that when a drive goes through the destruction process, no piece of data can be recovered, even if somebody can gain access to fragments of the drive.

The Benefits Of Data Destruction

As an IT professional, you understand how important it is for sensitive data to be destroyed when disposing of an old storage device.
Even if you have deleted data on a piece of storage media, it does not necessarily mean that it has disappeared for good. With the right techniques, it can often be recovered. This is not ideal if you have sensitive company information or, worse, sensitive information related to your customers. Many companies that have not practiced proper data security have had to deal with hefty fines and a loss of their business.

Remember, in many cases, you have a legal obligation to destroy certain pieces of data.

By using an e-waste company that deals with data destruction, you can feel confident knowing that your data is being erased effectively using best practice and protocols.

Why Use Potomac eCycle For Data Destruction?

We are in the business of dealing with E-waste from companies throughout the United States. We specialize in dealing with large IT departments and data centers.

The processes at our company have been designed from the ground up to ensure that your electronic devices, especially storage media, are disposed of safely and effectively.

After we collect your storage media, you will be able to track the destruction process. We even provide our clients with an opportunity to witness the data destruction methods that we employ.

When the destruction is complete, we will provide your company with a data destruction certificate. This is your proof that your data has been handled appropriately.

Contact Us For Data Destruction Services

If you are a business and are looking for data destruction services, please reach out to us. Our experienced team can assist companies of all sizes with their data destruction needs. We also offer several other services to help you to deal with your e-waste.

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