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We only accept electronic waste from private individuals on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.

In SEPTEMBER the two dates for accepting electronics from individuals for recycling are:

  • September 8
  • September 22

Services for Individuals

We are always pleased to help companies and individuals to reduce the environmental impact of old and obsolete electronic equipment but private consumers may not have the volume that we need to be able to give them the best possible deal.

Many times, manufacturers and electronics stores will offer ‘buy-back” programs that work either by paying a cash sum for products that are no longer needed or, more often, giving a trade-in allowance. This can be an attractive option if you plan on buying new electronic devices.

There are also a number of places that consumers can list their old electronics for sale. These include Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Private sales through these venues are likely to offer the best financial return.

If those methods of disposition do not appeal we can certainly offer to dispose of the products for you but you should be aware that many items actually incur a disposal fee (particularly monitors, TVs, and many types of batteries) because the value of materials that can be reclaimed is insufficient to cover the costs involved in the process.

We do recycle many items for private individuals including:

  • Computers (PCs and laptops) and accessories
  • Computer parts and components
  • Television sets, monitors and printers
  • Video players and recorders
  • Cellphones and tablets
  • Gaming devices

Recycling these electronic devices is charged at the rate of $0.75 per lb, including data destruction.

If you have any questions about electronics recycling for individuals please use our Contact Us form.

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