The benefits of choosing Potomac eCycle

We “walk the walk” and have pursued various 3rd party certifications to demonstrate our commitment to the highest levels of quality, health, and environmental safety.

Data RecyclingRios Certified Recycler - Data Recycling
isri safety - Data Recycling energy star -  Data Recycling certification


Why Choose Potomac eScrap

  • We are precise.

    We strive to recycle and reuse every possible piece of your electronics in a manner that allows for the ultimate efficiency and sustainability. We destruct your data as though it never existed in the first place.

  • We are passionate.

    We are a local, customer-focused business that holds itself accountable to customers, team members, and the environment. We are in business to serve all stakeholders, sustainably.

  • We are innovative.

    We are constantly working to improve our services and the processes we employ to destroy data and recycle electronics. We care deeply about creating efficiency wherever possible and sharing those benefits with our clients.

  • We are dependable.

    We are here to help: when you need, how you need. We listen to our clients to determine the scope of services that most suits your needs and then we fulfill our commitments time and time again.

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Many so-called electronics “recycling” companies will offer free pickup and then simply shred or “strip-mine” electronics for the most valuable components and unscrupulously dump the rest in landfills at home or abroad. We do not.

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